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The purpose of this website is to give information about the ongoing campaign to reverse the decision of the National Transport Authority to transfer the Transport Co-Ordination Unit Clare to West-Limerick.

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Is it over? Done and dusted?

Not at all! 
Update: Representatives of the Board and management of Clare Bus met with the NTA on Thursday April 18th in Dublin. A guarantee was issued by the NTA that "the current service level to passengers will remain exactly the same". The people will watch this very closely. The NTA have requested Clare Bus to meet with Limerick Local Link to discuss how this can be done. Until this meeting the campaign is scaled down a bit, the petition however remains open for signing. We would like to thank all of our supporters for their continuing efforts and wish them a very Happy Easter.

What happened?

The very short description of the situation is, that Clare Bus have lost the contract for the office operations (booking of trips, updating drivers, changes, joining the service, service development, service provision general info) to a company in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. While at this moment the company has not been given any information about the way this decision will be implemented it seems to be obvious that services will be affected by this.

What does it mean?

The full impact of the proposed change is not known at this point. Apart from changing the phone number for bookings the more serious implications are:

  • transfer of the development of the services to Newcastle West
  • transfer of the provision of services to Newcastle West (these 2 points mean, that all planning and managing of the rural transport for the whole of Clare will be tranferred to Newcastle West)
  • unknown status of Clare Bus for the future
  • no input from Clare on considerations which routes to serve
  • loss of local knowledge accumulated over the last 16 year
  • loss of a business model long hailed as an example in favor of a standardised version
and much more which would be speculation. Remember the centralisation of the former Health Boards and the VECs and ask yourself if services have improved since then...

Who is who?

In order to understand the players in this game we need to explain a few things first:

  • The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Minister Shane Ross (Website)
  • The  National Transport Authority (NTA) (Website)
  • The Rural Transport Programme (RTP)
  • Local Link (Website)
  • Clare Accessible Transport t/a Clare Bus (Website)

How does it work?

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport provides funding and policy framework for the Rural Transport Programme (RTP) through the National Transport Authority (NTA). The RTP now operates under the name 'Local Link'.

Seventeen TCUs (Transport Co-ordination Units, brand name Local Link), manage the delivery of rural transport services nationally on behalf of the Authority.

The TCUs contract local bus companies to provide the service "on the road"

Clare  Bus is in the unique position to be both, a TCU AND a bus company, which is the reason for the widely acknowledged success of their service model. The service delivered by Clare Bus is above the standard of the service delivered in other counties because of this uniqueness which now is under threat. 

The case

Please follow this link for further information

Online Petition

we have launched an Online Petition to reverse the decision to move the office operations to West Limerick. You can find it here.

The Full Picture

Get the full story in one document (PDF), download here