What people say

Sometimes rationalisation makes no sense. And this is one of those times. In East Clare we have long had the wonderful services of Clare Bus Feakle . They drive the highways and byways where no commercial service will ever go and they pluck sometimes vulnerable people out of their transport isolation.
I’d love if you could sign this petition to keep this great local service local.

Paula C.

One wet, miserable winters night, after picking Ruth up in Feakle, I was heading towards the petrol station, when my car died near the post office/graveyard. I was completely out petrol, no phone reception and th PO was closed. It was pitch dark, bucketing rain and I stood beside the car trying to push it, and crying. The Clare Bus Feakle stopped, and the driver got out, he explained that he was finished his shift, and could get me some petrol. I gave him some money, and he went, came back and helped me fill the petrol. 
The Clare Bus does so much more than drive people around. It's a disgrace that the office is to be moved to Limerick, costing 7 people their jobs. Please sign the petition

Dee B.

I am extremely disappointed by the recent decision by the National Transport Authority (NTA) in not renewing Clare Bus Feakle's contract. Clare Bus provides a very unique and personalised service for the people of Clare.
I have been working with Clare Bus over the last few weeks seeking solutions to resolve this crisis. 
It is shocking to hear Minister Shane Ross hiding behind issues rather than addressing them. Minister Ross' treatment of rural Ireland has been nothing but shameful and this is yet another blow. 
I will fight to the best of my ability to preserve and protect this fantastic service.

Pat H.

Done. I wouldn't have what I have now without the clare bus service. Back than I didn't had a car and lived outside ennis and when I got my job clare bus was the only service I could rely on. ❤️ And I couldn't be more thankful for the service.

Silvy R.

Living in the big smoke has made me aware again of how much choice is possible in big urban areas, and how easy it is to think that how you travel is just a matter of choice. Like the Post Office, the role of this bus is not just the functional delivery of service, its very much about knowing the local people, places and needs.

Noreen L.

Please sign the petition and do whatever you can to ensure that Clare Bus office remains in Clare. Clare Bus has grown and been shaped in the amazing service that it is in East Clare and we need to keep it there! Having had the privilege of working for Clare Bus I know first hand how vital it is that we keep the Feakle office open as to move it else where would be a detriment to the service

Sharon K.

 This service is 20 years old and facilitates so many Free Travel pass holders in participating in daily life in Clare. It makes no sense to cut a transport service especially after cutting so many rural post offices only a few weeks ago. People please sign the petition and / or contact your local councillors & TD's.

Lorraine H.

This is a very important service for Clare. It should not be moved to Limerick! Show your support here or it will be gone.

Nick B.

Clare Bus is accessible,to people and for people. My Mother and her friends uses it every week. It plays a large part in maintaining their independence. Their access to the service is facilitated by the dispatchers knowing the local area and communicating this knowledge to the drivers. How can someone, located nearer to Kerry than Clare, have that sort of local knowledge? It makes no sense to take something that works and put it in a position where it can't. Keep Clare Bus in Clare.
Marianne P.
Because its not just a tender, its an ethos - for the people, by the people. Clare bus isn't just a bus service, its a comprehensive support network based on relationship.
Brian W.
This has been the shining light of what a rural transport system should be like and its essential to keep it going in the county and to expand it to more communities in Clare!
Andy D.
Keep it local
Michelle W.
My Brother uses this service on a weekly basis. And has done for many years. The service has such a personal touch. They have such a great connection with their passengers. This is a fantastic service and needs to remain in its community. I think out sourcing Clare Bus will have a huge impact on its passengers and the community.
Ruth O.
This service is brilliant and a lifeline to so many people
Valerie M.
Support for an important cause
Emer D.
Transport that helps people in rural east Clare communities, the elderly, and the impaired reach supermarkets, banks, and important educational centres is vitally important to the area.
Denise C.
Its a great service for the people who have no other options
Marion M.
The bus service allows rural based people without transport a life line to important appointments and shopping.
Bernie O.